Cosultant India began in the grip of the early 1995 – formed by our Sole Proprietor I.Palanivel - a technical expert - who gained a deep knowledge through formal technical education & rich hands-on-work expertise for over a decade - contributed in building a quality service company the CI - which was renovated by '2008. Since then, the company has dedicated its workmanship, with a spirit of 'Quality' and strength of 'Prompt delivery' of projects - irrespective of its size & location.
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What we do

Control Surveying

Control surveys are used to establish highly accurate positions (horizontal control) and elevations (vertical control) of select points or stations...

Topographical Surveying

Topographic Maps Show topography together with natural and artificial features such as streams, lakes, buildings, highways, etc...


A contour may be defined as a line of intersection of a level surface with the surface of the ground. This means every point on the contour line...

Route Survey

A survey of the earth's surface along a particular route in the compilation and updating of topographical, geological, soil, and Ground-level route surveying...

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Recent Projects

Factory Survey
400 Acre –ITC Limited –AP
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Land survey
1375 Acre- Chanddrodi-Gujarth
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Land Survey
900 Acre –TNPL-II-Trichy –Tamil Nadu
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Transmission line 110kV DC
DC Thayanur - Mangalam -20 Kms
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