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Consultants India is a leading Land Surveying and Mapping Company operating out of India. Large number of important projects in India (and few others abroad) have been handled by this firm. Consultants India is fully digital and develops most of the required software in house. Consultants India deploys one of the best Quality Programs in the industry.

Consultants India is one of the leading Land Surveying firms in the country. Many major projects in India (and some abroad) have been handled by Consultants India. Most of the established corporates in the country are amongst the customers of this firm Consultants India is the only Land Surveying firm in the country to have gone fully digital.

The quality of infrastructure available at the disposal of this firm is in par with international standards. Consultants India employs one of the best Quality Programs in the industry. Consultants India has a rigorous staff training programs. Only firm in the industry to have a training program.The clients of Consultants India can track the status of their project online


To be the best technology services company in the whole of Only India.


To be the best & efficient technology services company of choice - through a continuous & a winning goal alignment of all stakeholders, clients, partners, employees and society.


Our prime objective is to make ourselves redundant, by delivering the best quality results to all our clients at a given time, with low-cost-effective solutions


As a Sole Proprietor I. Palanivel has founded and spear-headed Consultants India since 1995 - from a small scratch to a well-built organization with over 25-employees, at present

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